I can’t say I’ve reviewed many torches in my time, but here’s a little ripper I just have to tell you about.  It’s small, durable and has the most amazing light throw I’ve seen.

The LED lenser F1 is a small torch measuring just under 9cm long and weighing just 69 grams.  It’s metal body and precision construction give it a quality feeling in the hand, and it would want to for $120!

LED Lenser F1

LED Lenser F1

If it had a Batman logo over the lens you’d be able to shine this little thing into the air to signal your local super-hero.

Like me you probably haven’t heard of lumens of light – the measure by which the amount of light coming from a torch or other light can be listed and measured.  The F1 blasts out 400 Lumens – almost turning light into day.  This isn’t for around the house in a blackout (although it does a bloody good job in these circumstances).  If you’re a tradie or someone who enjoys the great outdoors the LED lenser F1 will be a great addition to your kit-bag.

LED Lenser F1 in its component parts

LED Lenser F1 in its component parts

On the negative side it does use a non-common battery size (CR123) which means you’re going to have to keep spares of a whole new type around the house or in the car. However you’ll get a decent life from the battery with regular intermittent use.

The torch has three modes; Full Power, Half Power and Strobe, all activated with a double click of the power button on the end of the device.

Finally, for those who find themselves in tricky situations there is also an alternate lens cover which – although I didn’t test it – I’m reliably informed will help you smash glass if needed.

For $120 this is not for everyone, but if you want a rugged, durable and super high-powered torch in the smallest of form factors, check out the LED Lenser F1

Price: $119.95

Web: LED Lenser