The last few months has seen a mini-frenzy of activity around online currency “Bitcoin” with the value skyrocketing and falling in equal doses as interest surges. But what on earth can you use this new fangled currency for?  Aussie online retailer Millennius thinks you might just want to buy a smartphone or something similar from them.

Available this week, if you buy one of the many consumer electronics products from Millennius you’ll have the option to pay by Bitcoin – very similar to how you might see a Paypal link or similar as opposed to whacking in your credit card details.

Millennius - now accepting Bitcoin

Millennius – now accepting Bitcoin

We’re not too sure how popular this will be, in fact we doubt there will be many users – certainly in the coming months, however – it is innovation and creativity which should be rewarded, so perhaps this will pay off for Millennius founder Pierre Boutros in good time.

Millennius also claim to accept rival electronic currency Litecoins – but the method of payment is to email your order, which seems a fair bit antiquated for my liking.

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