Carry your ID, Credit Card and Key in your iPhone case

One of the great things about the smartphone revolution is the innovation in accessories to go with them.  Even better is the fact that is spread across the world, including here in Australia.  Here’s a great Australian designed product that’s perfect if you like to get out on a Friday and Saturday night or travel a lot – the iLid.

iLid iPhone case

iLid iPhone case

When an Aussie puts his mind to something it gets done.  A Kickstarter project a couple of years back got the iLid off the ground, and now it’s been on the market for a while proving itself as a great option for various types of users.

At its core the iLid is simple. A thin but hard plastic case for the iPhone (4, 4S,5) – the difference here is the iLid has a back which flips open to expose a place to keep cards, cash and even a key.

Why? Going for a walk, Going for a run?  Heading out for Friday night drinks? On the other side of the world and just need the basics with you?  This is perfect.

iLid iPhone case

iLid iPhone case

Open up the back of your iPhone and there’s your driver’s licence for ID.  Or your Credit card for payment.

In the “flap” is a small clip where you can keep a few notes for cash payments, and if you need to carry a house key there’s even a spot for that.

When you’re out and about – particularly when you’re travelling – why carry your wallet around when all you need is probably one card.  The iLid gives you the chance to take that with your phone – and we all know you don’t leave home without your phone!

Whether you make this your day to day iPhone case or just keep it for occasions like travel or nights on the town the iLid is great value at $39.95.

EFTM Snapshot:

iLid iPhone case

iLid iPhone case

What: iLid iPhone Case
Web: iLid
Brand: iLid
Price: $39.95
Seen or Reviewed by Trevor Long on July 15 2013
We reckon: 3/5

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