When Vodafone launched their “Red Roaming” plans last year there was just three places you could go to use it – New Zealand, the UK and USA. That number has grown to 47 countries after a huge european expansion recently, and now the addition of Brazil – a key market as travellers gear up to head across for the FIFA World Cup in June.

So if you’re a Vodafone customer heading to the World Cup, the situation is simple – switch to a “Red” plan and for just $5 a day (now available on all Vodafone post-paid plans) you can use your phone like you’re at home. Your normal data allowance, local calls and calls home to Australia are all covered.

Australia's Socceroos (Photo: Flickr Patrick Keogh)

Australia’s Socceroos (Photo: Flickr Patrick Keogh)

The cost adds up as the days roll on, but the two clear upsides make it all worthwhile:

  1. No Bill Shock on your return home
  2. Share photos and videos on social networks without a worry

Australia is in the top five nations applying for the 2.6 million FIFA World Cup tickets so there’s something like 80,000 Aussies who were interested in going – if even a third of them got tickets and a third of them are Vodafone customers there’s some very big savings being made.

And if you’re off contract or on pre-paid my advice is simple – switch to Vodafone in June to enjoy the roaming rates and if you need or want to, switch back to another carrier on your return. It’s that easy – and Vodafone would probably assume that you’ll be so happy with the network and coverage generally these days, you’re not likely to switch away when you get back – worth a try!