Normally gaming headphones are big, very bold in design and that microphone arm just poking out for your gaming chat just doesn’t really suit many uses other than sitting at your gaming machine. But the Logitech G435 are a great new option for at home and out and about quite frankly!

Still built 100% with gamers in mind, the G435 feature an epic 18 hour battery life, cracking 40mm audio drivers and boy oh boy are they lightweight at just 165 grams!

On weight alone you’d assume they are cheap, because they barely feel like they’re on when you are wearing them. They don’t clamp your head a lot and they feel soft on around the ear.

That’s probably thanks to the memory foam cups, which not only make them comfy but also help with sound isolation.

So, in-game chat – with no microphone arm, how does that go?

I tested it with some Call of Duty beta with Stephen Fenech, he could hear me talk well, he could hear me crunching away on ice cubes – more than slightly annoying I reckon:). But he still gets a better kill count than me.

Bottom line, the G435’s feature a set of beamforming microphones which virtually point out and capture what you want to say to your crew, clan or party.

They connect via Lightspeed USB dongle to your PC, Mac or Playstation, still painful that Xbox has to be so hard isn’t it?

My only feedback is that the buttons for volume reset every time, so I have to push and hold and wait for the beeps to tell me I’m at full volume every time. I’d prefer a dial, but that’s just me.

The real party trick here is Bluetooth – I know, not new, but in a set of headphones that look this good, and are light enough, these are music headphones for your smartphone or tablet too – at a pinch.

Nice stuff, great quality, well worth a look for your gaming gadget needs.

You’ll find the Logitech G435’s for $199.