Toyota 86 - GT

Toyota 86 – GT

We don’t need to hide our love for the Toyota 86, heck – Damo even bought one.  With a stunning price, amazing good looks, a great drive the 86 was in hot demand in 2012.  With supply ramping up they are becoming a little easier to get and the price is still fantastic.  Aussie’s love them so much we’re the number 3 market globally for 86 sales.

To put this milestone in perspective, the last time a Toyota sports car sold more than 5,000 cars in a year was in 1982 with the Celica.  Since then the highest Supra sales were 707 in 1984 and the Mr2 topped at 483 in 1990.

This elevated Australia to third in terms of market sales for the 86, behind Japan and the USA.

Toyota 86 GT

Toyota 86 GT

Executive Director of Sales and Marketing with Toyota Tony Cramb seemed pretty pleased with the sales and put our market share in to a global perspective, “Australian motorists have bought approximately eight per cent of all 86 sports cars delivered around the world since its debut last year,” Mr Cramb said.

With a super low price, and high demand, there was tight supply in 2012 – allowing just 2047 sales to the end of December.  Fortunately additional supply pushed local sales to 4049 in 2013 giving this annual tally which Toyota are celebrating today.Global 86 sales:

1. Japan 30,000
2. USA 21,400
3. Australia 6,096
4. UK 2,400
5. Canada 2,400

Toyota 86 pricing

Grade RRP#
86 GT manual $29,990
86 GT automatic $32,490
86 GTS manual $35,490
86 GTS automatic $37,990