We’ve said it before and we’re happy to say it again, but we love myPlates here at EFTM. These custom number plates for NSW really give car lovers a great level of customisation when it comes to what is normally a rather mundane part of your car or motorbike. 

Now myPlates has announced 10 new designs to help you even further match your personality and style. Check these out!

The “New Horse” plate will see horse float owners in raptures and joins the popular Animal Range. It will set you back $299.

Joining the International Range are new Black Characters on White JDM plates or Black Characters on Yellow with underlying Japanese characters that translate to “Japanese Domestic Market”. Designed for Japanese vehicles, these are priced at $305.

New motorcycle plates are also available in Chequer plate or Leathers plate for $189.

Euro plates can now be upgraded via a premium range. Available in Gold on Black or Silver on Black the larger plates come in at $349.

Another step up in the Euro range sees the introduction of Platinum plates designed to fit perfectly in the recesses of any European car. You’ll need to fork out $400 for these.

For custom numbers or letters an annual $107 fee applies.

Web: www.myplates.com.au