What we think of as a “car” is defined by the mass production of vehicles which for the most part are all pretty darn similar. Four wheels, bonnet, boot, hatch perhaps. But have you ever stopped to think about some of the more – shall we say – interesting models that have hit the road? Why have four doors when three is an option? Why one driver when you can share the work with your fellow passengers?

Here are six cars in particular that will just leave you scratching your head thinking.. What the?

The Reliant Robin

Reliant Robin - Photo:Flickr/Free Photo Fun

Reliant Robin – Photo:Flickr/Free Photo Fun

Why have four wheels when you can have…three? In 1974, the Reliant Motor Company in England released their 1974 Robin model, which featured two tyres in the back and one tyre front and center. The Robin also featured a fiberglass bodyshell. All in all, its compact size meant it fit in a special taxation and licensing class under British regulations. Unfortunately, it’s also been at the butt end of British humour ever since!

The BMW Isetta

BMW Isetta - Photo: Flickr/tobyotter

BMW Isetta – Photo: Flickr/tobyotter

You might look at the final product and think that it’s still in production. The idea for the BMW Isetta all started in the early 1950s as Italian firm Iso SpA’s owner Renzo Rivolta decided to build a small car for mass distribution. The BMW Isetta was launched in 1955, featuring a single door (at the front), at the front of the very small car, no less. It’s no surprise that this car has also made its way into popular culture.

The DeLorean DMC-12

Delorian - Photo: Flickr/katherinetompkins

Delorian – Photo: Flickr/katherinetompkins

You know that things are a little weird when your car becomes iconic for appearing (slightly modified) as a time machine in Back to the Future. Produced for the American market in 1981-2, the DeLorean DMC-12 by the DeLorean Motor Company was a sports car featuring gull-wing doors, a fiberglass underbody, and a rear-mounted engine. According to James Espey, vice president of DeLorean Motor, around 6500 DeLoreans are still on the road today!

The Surface Orbiter

Surface Orbiter

Surface Orbiter

What do you get by spending $175,000, 14,000 man hours, and 4 years to complete? For New Yorker couple Rick and Karen Dobbertin, you get the Surface Orbiter, a hand built amphibious vehicle built out of a milk truck. Although the aim was for the Surface Orbiter to circumnavigate the earth, lack of funding meant that it never really succeeded. However, it did log a good 33,000 miles over land and 3000 miles by water, not to mention being the first amphibious vehicle to pass the length of the Panama Canal.

The Volksaru



Can’t decide whether you want to purchase a Volkswagen or a Subaru? Consider a Volksaru! This Frankenstein car features a Subaru dashboard and door panels with VW seats. It also has the bonus of being a fuel-saver due to the presence of two flat-four powertrains. This vehicle starts at $20,000. Is it worth it for you to take out car finance? We’ll leave that for you to decide.

The HumanCar “FM-4”



The Human Car was conceived by creator Charles Greenwood in 1968 as he was sitting at a standstill in traffic in Silicon Valley. Today, the Human Car bills itself as the world’s most advanced electric hybrid, with four seats and four rowing handles and a top speed of around 30 miles per hour. The vehicles come in at about $15,000 per piece but on the upside, you’ll never have to pay for petrol!