Ever stumbled across Hogs 3 Bourbon? No? Here beginneth the lesson. It’s a Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey aged in newly crafted and charred American white oak barrels for three years. This delivers a reputation for depth of colour and a smooth, dry taste. It actually ranks quite well among astute bourbon boffins.

Hogs 3 Bourbon

Hogs 3 Bourbon & Cola

imageNow Hogs 3 Bourbon has been married with cola in a 375ml can.

Non beer drinkers or those who mix it up a bit can immediately reel off a list of preferred legendary pairings with cola. Hogs 3 Bourbon will have a fair task ahead of them to compete with the established big guns.

However it’s actually not a bad drop. Bold and quite refreshing, with a quality cola taste. It also packs a punch being rated 5.0 % ACL/VOL. Bringing along a six pack at the next beach barbie will certainly generate some curiosity among mates.

Hogs 3 Bourbon & Cola is available now only at BWS and Dan Murphy’s. A 6 pack is priced at $23,90 with a carton at $74,90.