Need an instant library? Love the look of a full book case? Too lazy to fill your empty case yourself? Strand Bookstore in New York City has the answer.
One of the most famous bookshops in the world, Strand Bookstore, isn’t buckling under the pressure of the digital revolution. Well, certainly not to the extent of most. Famous for its “18-miles of books” slogan, Strand has been around since 1927 and also has a kiosk by Central Park aside from its main book store on Broadway. It’s a book lovers dream, with new, used, rare and collectibles stacked across rows and rows of shelves.

For Australians, there are two problems. First, New York City is a fair walk away, and second, it’s not enjoyable looking through 18-miles of books online. So if you want a bit of the Strand Bookstore feel in your home, or indeed a bit of a classy library touch, you can order books by the foot at Strand.

From as little as US$10 per foot, Strand will package up books for you and send them down under. But there is a bit more science to it than just grabbing a pile of books and chucking them your way. It’s a completely customiseable service. Whether you want random, sci-fi, leather bound, law, historical, Victorian era, cooking, art, foreign language or virtually any other kind of book collection, Strand can make it happen. They can even colour coordinate your book spines for that weird staged library feel.

All up there are 27 pre-selected collection groups you can choose from, but you can make special requests as well. Strand also has a great collection of books for all readers and writers, including the 2012 Moleskine range and signed books from a wide range of authors.

Price: From US$10 per foot, excluding postage
Web: Strand Books