When a Byron Bay Barber Shop does hair styling creme – Jack the Snipper

Byron Bay may be full of hipsters and surfers, but there’s a little Barber Shop doing $28 cuts where they’ve also developed a styling Creme aimed directly at blokes.  That place is called Jack the Snipper.

The Barber at Jack the Snipper has been on the job for 25 years, when you combine that with some experienced chemists you have yourself an Australian developed hair styling creme direct from Byron Bay.

Jack the Snipper Styling Creme

Jack the Snipper Styling Creme

At $22 (plus $10 for postage!) you’re going to want to take your hair styling seriously, however this really is something different.  It’s soft and easy to apply – to either wet or dry hair, so if its the messy look or the corporate style you’re good to go.

The scent of the creme is actually quite nice, described by Jack the Snipper as “a mix of woody, sweet and spicy scents” – it really has a manly smell to it.

Paul Macnamara, Owner and Head Barber at Jack the Snipper, is the man behind Jack the Snipper and he reckons he’s found the modern Brylcreem.

“The Original Styling Creme has been designed for just about any man, whether they wear a dapper or keep it textured, it’s easy to apply, super easy to rinse out and smells good too”

Jack the Snipper Styling Creme

Jack the Snipper Styling Creme

If you’re in Byron, check it out – otherwise you can order online.  Great product, not sure about the price though.

[schema type=”review” rev_name=”Jack the Snipper hair styling creme” rev_body=”Classic styling creme with a great scent for blokes to use every day” author=”Trevor Long” pubdate=”2013-11-12″ user_review=”3.8″ min_review=”0″ max_review=”5″ ]

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