Summer is fast approaching, and that means a lot more than just hot weather and the Ashes. It also means BBQ time! But if you’re like me you’re pretty much winging it when it comes to the perfect steak, so our mates at Man Law have put together some top tips for the BBQ man in your life (or you).

Man Law non-slip tongs

Man Law non-slip tongs

1.To Toss or Not to Toss: It’s a common misconception that flipping the meat frequently causes it to become tough. This is a myth. The last thing you want is an uneven cook on either side, so flip regularly to minimize moisture loss and toughness. Beware though, the Man Law team suggest that any steak tossed more than 150mm above the plate is showing off and runs the risk of losing said steak.

2.Be Gentle: Treat the meat with a soft sensual touch. Barbecuing is a delicate process that requires patience, so settle down, and never cut into the meat to check if it’s ready. Use a thermometer to assess the readiness of your meat. No matter how manly the BBQ’er is, this is an opportunity to show your softer side.

3.Heat Isn’t Everything: The level of heat is determined by what you’re cooking. If you’re cooking burgers or steak sear with a high heat and then reduce to cook. Real men use thermometers.

4.Sear For Flavour & Moisture: Cooking meat for a long time can cause it to dry out so sear the meat on a high heat first to seal in the moisture and caramelize for flavour.

5.Cooking Fish: Take it out of the fridge 10 – 15 minutes prior to cooking (ensure the dog is on the chain), this allows it to warm up slightly. Score through the skin of the fish but don’t cut deeply into the flesh. Make the cuts diagonally from the head to just before the tail, about 1.5 cm apart, then do again on the opposite angle diagonal. Complete this on both sides and use a fish basket to cook so that the flesh doesn’t stick to the plate or grill.

6.Seasonings: Seasoning and marinades aren’t difficult to make but they can have a profound effect on the taste. Using these products will leave a lasting impression on your guests.

7.Pre-Cooking Temps: Take steak out of the fridge prior to cooking and allow it to come up to room temperature. This allows for a more even cook and makes it much easier to get the meat to your liking. The only things that should be ice cold are the beers and the Chardy.

8.Give It A Rest: Most meats will taste better and retain more of the yummy juices if you let it rest for approximately five minutes on a warm plate before serving. After serious research the experts at Man Law have determined that the correct resting time for a cooked steak is “one beer”.

9.Good Equipment Makes The Difference: There is nothing more frustrating than cooking a BBQ with flimsy or faulty tools. We’ve all been there. Investing in a quality set of BBQ cooking and cleaning tools will have you barbecuing with hassle-free precision – like the boss.

10.Cleaning the BBQ: Simply cranking up the heat for ten minutes and brushing off the charcoal and grime is not on. Use the right tools. No one wants to clean the BBQ straight after cooking. Our recommendation is: after dinner while the girls are dealing with the plates is the right time to adjourn to the BBQ while it’s still warm, it will be easy to clean with a good quality scraper. Scrape off the excess before it goes hard and put into some newspaper for disposal, then wipe the plate clean. Beer is a well known aid for doing this and sometimes we even get some on the BBQ plate

Thanks to the team at Man Law for the tips!.