Late last year EFTM took a look at the new Dyson DC54 – packed with technology that you never thought you needed there is little doubting the power of this beast.  But how better to test it than to get it in the hands of EFTM readers to test it out for us.

Dyson DC54

Dyson DC54

After several months of vacuum and courier logistics thanks to Dyson Australia, we’ve given over a dozen people the chance to try the Dyson DC54 for a week and their thoughts are pretty clear – it’s a beast with suction you just can’t fathom until you get it in your hands.

Dyson DC54

Dyson DC54

Some of the comments we’ve received from our social reviewers were:

The DC54 sure has very impressive suction and so powerful, it feels like you’re driving a monster truck compared to a ute. Being a Dyson fan, I knew that there would be a difference in technology from my DC05 to this big Momma, but was blown away with how really big of a difference the two Dysons are. I tried using my hand to test it’s suction power, and though I didn’t check the specs It actually hurts to keep my hand there. Whereas on my old vac, it’s got suction but it’s a 3 compared to 10 on the DC54. It’s also easier to handle although the main unit is heavier.

My final verdict – “If you don’t have a Dyson, you don’t have a vacuum!?” I agree 100% with all my friends’ comments and Yes, I do enjoy vacuuming and have found myself vacuuming for no reason but that’s only because I had a Dyson

So I started posted pics and videos on Instagram and Facebook. Well can’t some of my friends be a spokesperson for Dyson!? Talking about it being “the best purchase EVER”, “money well spent”, “looking forward to vacuuming” and even going as far as vacuuming when they didn’t need to

When I first fired up the Dyson DC54 I was surprised at the quietness & how easy it is to move around.

The differences using the Dyson include how powerful the suction is and how my carpets look new again, it really seems to remove the dirt and lift the pile. The carpet actually feels different underfoot. It was much easier to maneuver around and much less effort required when vacuuming – perfect for my back.

The Swivel hard floor tool was truly effortless, it moved when I wanted it to, getting into all those hard to reach areas with ease.  The job was done in half the usual time

I did a “test” where I vacuumed the house first with my Miele and then  with the Dyson and the Dyson picked up BUCKETLOADS even after my initial clean.

Let’s put it this way – my husband was very happy to see me vacuuming!  We split the household chores and he has always done the vacuuming as I never liked to do it.  The Dyson, however, did change things for a few weeks.  Because I could see such excellent results, I was happy to keep getting the Dyson out.  I feel like our house has had a thorough Spring clean, including our furniture and mattress and the rugs in particular look fresh again. 

We had a heap of great tweets, posts and pics all over social media as part of the #DysonRelay, but in the end, we only have four great machines to send back to four lucky people.

Those people are: Carrie Kenny, Rebecca Taseska, Katie Cooper and Rita Biankin. Let me tell you we’ve had a lot of competitions over the years here at EFTM and this was one of the hardest to judge. Great entries and responses from all our finalists. For those who got the road test, but didn’t get to keep the DC54 Dyson – Dyson have a special offer for you which we’ll be in touch about!