A Mother knows best right? Well a little product called Mother is set to help you monitor anything you like using simple little sensors called cookies and she was on show today at CES in Las Vegas.

Mother and her Cookies

Mother and her Cookies

This Babushka lookalike is a central device which can connect to it up to 24 “cookies”

Mother and her cookies

Mother and her cookiesmother

Each cookie is a motion sensor which you can attach to simply anything. The idea being you need to sense or check the movement of anything and the cookie will do that and when in range of the Mother will synchronise the data and you can then view that on the smartphone or tablet app.

There is no one application for Mother, she could do anything you imagine – but here’s a list of ideas from her creator


Are you active enough to keep fit? Find out how many steps you walk every day, the distance you cover and calories you burn.


How many espressos are you guzzling? Too many in the evening or in the middle of the night? Find out when you’re about to run out.


Who’s home right now? What are the times people are usually in the house or away? Use this data to optimize your boiler settings, for example.


Are your kids brushing their teeth properly – and are you? Why don’t you organise a tooth-brushing contest?


Monitor access to your home. Receive an alert if suspicious activity is detected in your absence.


Make sure you take your medication on time. Get a reminder if you forget. Track your intake. Monitor the regularity of an aged relative’s intake, too.


Measure the temperature anywhere you need to. Receive a warning if it’s outside the interval you’ve set.


Figure out the amount of water you drink every day. Get a reminder if it’s not enough.


Automatically measure your sleep quality, the times you go to bed and get up, and wake up more gently.


Ever forget to water the plants? This Application makes sure you’re giving them enough water and reminds you if need be.

Secret items

Privacy issues are not just an online concern. We all have our little secrets that nobody’s allowed to touch. Keep an eye on yours and get an alert if they move.


Get a warning if the refrigerator door has stayed open and things are warming up. Monitor its cooling cycle. Keep track of your sneaky snacks between meals.

So there you have it, the world of cookies and mother – a sensor mothership coming to a store near you.

Details of Australian availability and pricing are not yet available, however US pricing is. $222 will get you Mother and 4 cookies, with $99 getting you 4 additional cookies at a time.