Buying a new TV? Time to sell the old one then.

Turns out we’re selling our old TV’s at a higher rate than normal this month – perhaps in anticipation for the new range of TV’s coming soon from all the big brands.  Gumtree has seen a 16% increase in TV listings in the past month.

Gumtree TV Listing

Gumtree TV Listing

There’s actually some pretty good bargains out there too. I found one TV being sold by a bloke whose relationship had broken up – and the TV wouldn’t fit in the car.  Go Figure!

Of the 6,000 odd TV’s for sale on Gumtree, one in three are HD, only 10% or less are 3D capable, and even more interestingly there are just under 10% listed that are brand new – retailers clearing stock perhaps?

Gumtree TV listings

Gumtree TV listings

Overall the majority of Plasma and LED TV’s are listed for less than half their original price, with over 400 Smart TV’s listed on Gumtree.

When it comes to brands, Samsung dominates the after market just as it does the brand new retail space – over 1000 Samsung’s are listed, followed by LG and Sony.

Gumtree spokesperson, Niki Hennessy, said: “We’re seeing particular retail moments really impact the number of listings online. In fact, listings for TVs jumped 16% from February to March alone and a further 46% since this time last year.”

Are you in the market for a new TV?  What will you do with the old one?


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