If you’re like me and don’t have the bare essentials needed for a night or few away without the mod-cons then you’ll find there are some pretty amazing little bits and bobs out there to make camping that little bit easier for you.  Light My Fire is a brand with a huge range of stuff you’ll struggle to resist throwing in the shopping bag on your next trip to the outdoors store.

You’ve got the tent and sleeping gear ready to go, but when the fire is lit and you’re ready to eat you’ve got the option of throw-away cups, plates and cutlery or some gear you can take on all your trips.  This stuff from Light My Fire is very cool.

Pack-Up-Cup $9.95


When you grab one of these from the bag and show it to your camping mates they’ll think your bonkers suggesting it’s a cup – because its nothing more than a colourful plastic lid – then you open the lid and push out the rubberised base and “hey presto” you’ve got a cup.


Once full they hold their shape and sit perfectly well either on the bench or in a camping chair.  Great little item.

Mealkit $32.95


You’ve got your drink now the dinner is on the way – The mealkit is an easy total package.  There’s a bowl (900ml) and lid (500ml) which also acts as a plate.  There’s two small containers inside (170ml and 320ml) as well as a Pack-up-cup, a combined strainer and cutting board and a Spork – Yes, a Spoon and Fork in one:)  It all gets wrapped together with a rubberised harness so you never lose the bits and inclusions and it can be easily packed up.


The mealkit comes in a range of colours.

Grandpa’s Firefork $9.95


This one is fun.  It’s a bit of wire.  But when you squeeze the ends together you can slide a stick into it then release the ends and the stick becomes the handle for your fork.  Whack a marshmallow or two on the end and it’s the perfect little firefork.  Great for sausages too.


Check them all out at good outdoor stores like Paddy Pallin