The world of Red Bull is so much more than the drink, in fact, at times it could be easy to forget Red Bull is even a beverage company. Think of a sport and show me where Red Bull isn’t involved in some capacity. From running championship leading Formula 1 teams to the Australian Dinghy Races, Red Bull are on top of it.

Today we have learned that Red Bull TV provides you with access to watch so much content around sports they’re involved in, and it is all free. The World Rally Championship (WRC) is one of the most notable sports on the website/app. Where you can follow the entire championship with a press of a button. The action will be available live and on-demand. Other sport categories include surfing, mountain biking, skate boarding, air racing and even eSports. Beyond sports you’ll also find music festivals including 3.5 hours from Tropfest.

Unlike many other services, this one is on virtually any product, via apps for TV viewing devices, mobile apps, beautiful web and more. Turn your gadget on and search for the app, that’s it. No sign up, no registration and no fees. The list is VERY extensive, see it here.

Head over to redbull.tvto get started.