One of the hottest products in networking is one that many people just don’t realise exists – WiFi range extenders.  A simple product to fill those WiFi black-spots in your home.  Netgear’s latest does it well, and does it with speed.

The EX6200 delivers dual-band WiFi at up to 1200Mbps. What that means is that you’re going to be sending files, streaming video, surfing the web at the speed you would be getting if you were standing plugged into your modem/router.

IMG_9632These range extenders come at a time when more devices are entering our homes, and rooms we once didn’t mind went without WiFi are now requiring WiFi with tablets and smartphones in every corner of the home.

Key to getting the best from a range extender is not to place it at the edge of your existing network – you should place it right in the middle of your solid WiFi coverage – a range extender can only “repeat” the network it can connect to itself.

Setting up the EX6200 is simple.  There’s not a router out there now without a WPS button on it (and if your router doesn’t have WPS – time to get a new router!).  So all you have to do is press WPS on your new range extender and then the same on your router.

IMG_9636Within minutes the Range Extender will connect and replicate your network – both 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz to help you keep your network running smoothly.

There are smaller “power point” versions of WiFi range extenders available, but for a large networks and the widest new additional range a device like this is perfect.

IMG_9634It will stand both upright and flat on the desk, and follows Netgear’s recent stylish design cues to ensure it doesn’t look out of place.

You’ll pick one up at major retailers for around $199

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