Now this was a tough category to consider – Male grooming covers anything from shavers, to hair gel to goodness knows what else. So how do we pick the BEST?

At EFTM we’re fans of a few great things – the Braun electric shaver is fantastic, and Jack the Snipper hair gel works a treat (if you’ve got hair – Bowen?)

Philips AquaTouch

Philips AquaTouch

The pursuit of obtaining a close, irritation free shave is an expensive habit. Finding quality blades and funding the cost of their replacement cartridges boarders on the ludicrous. A set of replacement blades can set you back up to $25.00. When Phillips’ AquaTouch electric shaver arrived at EFTM headquarters it forever changed the shaving habits of Chris Bowen.

The AquaTouch is fully waterproof and perfectly paired to your favourite foam or gel, even while in the shower. It provides near razor sharp levels of cutting although it is a little more time consuming. An overnight recharge pumps at least 50 minutes of shaving time back into the AquaTouch plus after the best part of a year the Phillips blade system still remains sharp.


It earns an EFTM Best Award for its cost saving abilities, quality construction and long term performance. An excellent male grooming companion.