It’s pretty clear there is a market for advanced “smart feeders” for cats – we told you about the Petnet Smartfeeder only recently. This time, it’s a crowd funded concept to not just feed them, but track them and their habits – and it involved facial recognition.


Bistro is a product currently seeking “crowd funding” to make its designers dreams a reality – it uses what the developers call “Cutting edge cat facial recognition technology” which allows this smart feeder to know which cat is taking a bite at any time, and because the contents of the food and water are known (by weight) the feeder can report on just how well your cat is eating.


Plus, as the cat feeds, it is standing on a set of scales, so over time you’ve also got a record of your cat weight.

Combined with an app, you can get real-time alerts on your cats eating habits – should you want them – and of course join a cat-based social network to meet cat owners in your area perhaps.


The expected retail price is $249 (US), and while they needed $100,000 to make it happen, they’ve already passed $160,000 with two weeks still to go in the Indiegogo crowd funding campaign.

So, cat owners – if you have more than one cat this seems like a pretty cool idea don’t you think?