The Telecommunications market is busier than ever, more home internet providers, so many mobile telcos, it’s a great market for consumers, looking for a deal and great service.

However, in thinking about which is best, there’s a few things that stood out to me.

In my local community Facebook group, whenever someone asks for an NBN provider recommendation the overwhelmingly positive responses are all about Aussie Broadband.

I have two Aussie connections, and on both I get great speed and reliability.

When there are issues, Aussie are the most communicative you will find, sharing every detail of the fault report and status with you.

Critically, their support is outstanding. Local Aussie call-centre and great response times.

All that, topped with the transparency of their network bandwidth in all locations across Australia, it really is hard to think of another Telco putting in as much effort.

That’s why they are the EFTM Best Telco award winner for 2021.