A ritual by its very definition is a solemn ceremony consisting of a series of actions performed according to a prescribed order, that pretty much sums up the morning shaving routine right? But Braun have injected a gadget-type vibe to the experience with their range of Series 5 and WaterFlex rechargeable electric shavers. Chris Bowen spent a couple of weeks grinding off facial hair for EFTM and here are the results.

Series 5 Product Shot.I sampled the Series 5 5020s and WaterFlex electric shaver, put simply the first performs a dry only shave while the other can be used 5 meters underwater, no joke.

The Series 5 is mightily powerful, with a motor that’s been turbo charged with an extra 20 percent more grunt, it buzzes loudly and proudly. The blade systBraun_WaterFlexem incorporates a system Braun call FlexMotion. The shaving foils are suspended, floating and tilting to follow the contours of your face. Along with a pivoting head the Series 5 provides a cushioned yet precise shave. There’s also a “MultiHeadLock” switch which secures the head at the desired angle to trim areas such as under the nose. For longer hair a pop up trimmer is also included.

The Series 5 range actually features five models from the as tested 5020s to the elite 5090cc. More elaborate models include a Clean & Charge station which acts as a virtual washing machine while the shaver charges. An alcohol based solution cleans and lubricates the foils ensuring a high level of hygiene, it’s not too dissimilar to a sheep dip. As you go up the range fancier LED lights indicate battery strength, and the unit will even indicate when it needs a wash.

The WaterFlex shaver exclusively gets around in a wetsuit and features a different blade system called OptiBlade. The three blade system isn’t as heavy duty and adaptable as the Series 5 but does have the added benefit of allowing foam, gel or just water to be thrown into the mix. The deep sea diving abilities are thanks to a robust membrane in the handle that protects the inner core. Again a trimmer for areas such as sideburns is included.

Both shavers have an excellent battery life of around 45 minutes, I achieved five days of once a day shaving before refuelling.

However I’ve found that with all electric shavers the good old manual razor still ultimately performs a better job, certainly in terms of less irritation and overall closeness of the shave. But that’s just me.

The Braun Series 5 shaver has a RRP of $249 for the top model while the WaterFlex sits at RRP $199. But hunt around because prices do vary.

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