Drop everything, A full Top Gun pack is now available to download as part of Microsoft Flight Simulator – including two epic new planes and a bunch of flight challenges to get you right in the Top Gun training academy mood.

Launching in time with the new Top Gun movie this is your way to keep the adrenalin going after you’ve watched the movie.

And – it’s awesome.

You get the experimental Darkstar stealth fighter which Tom flies in an attempt to get to Mach 10.

Plus, of course the F/A 18 Super Hornet.

And that’s the plane you take up in the various flight challenges.

Similar to those in the game in more everyday aircraft, these challenges seek to simulate some of the mission preparation that goes on in Top Gun Maverick. Low level flying, to a timer, that kinda thing.

Oh, and yes, there’s an Aircraft Carrier landing challenge too – good luck with that.

It’s bloody awesome, enjoy it this weekend!