Destiny_XBOPack2DAcross Australia next Monday night people of all ages will be lining up outside computer game retailers to get their copy of Destiny when the doors open at midnight.  It’s been made Bungie – the people who made Halo – a game whichstill stands as one of the epic games for Xbox.

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Destiny is a new franchise for Bungie and it appears no expense has been spared in the creation of this title.

Published by Activision, in Destiny you are the Guardian of the last city on Earth – pretty important stuff right – and the power you can wield is what makes your role so critical.

You can explore Mars, Venus or ancient ruins, with the aim being to defeat the enemies of Earth and reclaim what was lost.  This will ensure you can meet the tagline of the game and “Become Legend”.

As with most major titles today, this game is made for multilayer and will thrive in the online world.


Generous maps will mean endless multiplayer experiences keeping people up into the wee small hours.

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Destiny launches Tuesday on PS3, PS4, XBox 360 and XBox One.

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