I’ve been a solid fan of the Arlo smart home camera system since they launched.  With a few years of development under their belt now they are exceptional – the app, the cloud, the whole setup.  The Arlo Go is a bit of a black sheep in the family, because it’s not meant to be used at home – it’s for your remote monitoring needs.

Equipped with a SIM slot in the back, along with a slightly larger battery than the standard Arlo cameras, this big fella is made to last longer out on its own with no WiFi network or other cameras needed.

Telstra is selling the Arlo Go on a $35 a month plan which includes 10GB data, the camera, AND a solar panel!

So who would want an Arlo go?


Got trouble with the youth and thugs breaking in and stealing gear?  Smashing windows?  Causing problems on the worksite?  You can’t be there 24/7, and an alarm system might tell you it’s happening, but will it help you find out who’s doing it?

Arlo Go – in a tree, on a pole – even in camouflage – can be looking down on your worksite 24/7.

Every time there is motion detected during the hours that you set, or whenever you’re not there – its recorded, saved to the cloud, and available for you to view on any compatible device.

Because of the SIM card and mobile internet connection inside the device – those uploads happen all hours of the day with no WiFi network required.  And you never need to get up and change the batteries because it’s solar powered!


Trouble with people grabbing stuff from your van or truck?  While you’re home or out on a job?  Put an Arlo Go inside the van, pointing right at your gear and the door.

Caught on Camera.  It might not prevent the theft, but it’s great evidence for any investigation – plus you get alerts on your mobile so you might just be able to prevent it too.

Holiday Home Owner

How often do you get to the beach house?  Need to keep an eye on the yard, or the inside – but don’t want to pay for an ongoing internet connection with WiFi?  Arlo Go works year round to keep an eye on things!

Caravan Owner

This is really the amazing thing about the Arlo Go – you drive somewhere, set up camp, and your Arlo Go is protecting the van, all hours of the day.  As long as you’re in mobile reception area – any intruder is captured on camera.

You could mount it outside when you are settling down for a few days, or keep it inside all the time – your choice!

Boat Owner

Either an inside view or outside, the Arlo Go can be your eyes and ears at all times of the day.

The only thing to remember here is that your boat is on the water, its moving, so “motion” detection will go off if it’s pointing at the open space – which is why it’s ideal for monitoring inside the boat, or just out on the decks.

Whatever your use case – the Arlo Go is an amazingly useful camera in a diverse set of circumstances.

Web: Telstra