When Parrot launched the AR.Drone they had geeks in a world of joy – here was a quadcopter flying drone with a camera attached that you could control from your mobile or tablet. Simple. In the end though, it’s not like its being used for feature films. It’s a toy. Parrot recognise this and have just launched a range of new fun toys for you to enjoy.


This little fella has a camera up front, two large wheels and a spring-loaded trigger on the back that lets it jump in the air.

It will do tricks like spinning, slalom, jumping and much more, all from the touch-screen controls on your tablet or mobile. Easy!


With about 20 mins of battery and a price tag of $220, this is a cracking bit of fun.

The camera is great for snapping stills, but for video recording you’ll need a microUSB key – good luck finding one of those lying around.


This fella is like a baby AR.Drone. Plastic rotors and construction mean you can bang it into walls and not break it (well, almost), and flying it around is just like the original drone, except on a smaller scale, and with no built-in camera.


The flying time is limited to about 8 mins of battery life – and that’s a real downer when you’re just starting to have some fun.

At $140, it’s an expensive 8 minute toy.


Add the included wheels for added fun, roll the mini-drone along the ceiling and walls and the kids will love it.

If you’re getting one of these, get a spare battery.

All in all, these are a bunch of fun – my kids keep asking to “get the drones out for a play” – and it’s the best 20 minute distraction I’ve found in a long time.