Skylanders is one of the biggest toy franchises in Australia, and around the world.  Kids want the toys, the toys get to play a part in the game which is available across a range of platforms, and every year there is something very new – this year, it’s Trap Team, coming in October and my seven year old couldn’t be more excited.

STT_Logo_Vector_Master_LoResThe Skylanders team in Australia gave my son (and I) the chance to play the new Trap Team game on the weekend, and it was an immediate hit.

Here’s how he describes the new game:

In essence, not only do you now have characters to collect, you also have crystals which are used to “trap” the villains that you destroy – you then turn them to your side and can actually play the game as those new characters.


It didn’t take long for Jackson to get the concept of the “trapping” and he gave it a thumbs up – in fact, as you can see in the video – he describes it as “Epic”

Trap Team goes on sale October 2.