I’m not really one for much personal care other than a good wash, deodorant and clean teeth. I’ve had any number of “fragrances” and skin care products come across the EFTM desk over the years but never, ever had I heard of beard balm. Yep, you read that right – beard balm.


Valor is the company, and they’ve got a little 25ml bottle of goodness for you for $29.

SAM_9433If you’re the bearded type a few drops of this, rubbed into your hands and then applied over your beard will “nourish” your facial hair – I must admit, I hadn’t considered until now that my whiskers may need nourishing and feel I may have been letting them down all these years.

For the clean-shaven among you the Valor Beard Balm will keep your skin hydrated, and for both you’re getting a rather manly fragrance too.

In two scents – Original and Firewood you’re talking about ingredients like macadamia, hemp and argan oils as well as a bunch of other essential oils.

The end result of continued use of this balm should be lush and full looking facial hair and a good skin without the dryness and flakiness you may suffer from.

You learn something new every day right?? Today is one such day. Tick.

Check out the Valor range of beard and face care “paraphernalia” online at www.shavewithvalor.com