When the original iPad was released, Apple had a fantastic desk stand for it, a simple white block, then with the iPhone 4 likewise there were simple Apple desk stands.  Not since then have I found something I feel fits perfectly on my desk for my iPhone as a stand and charger – until I tried the Hi-Rise from Twelve South.


At $39.95, it’s actually darn good value, it’s a lot more than just a stand.

Firstly, this will work on any iPhone 5, 5s, 6 or 6 Plus, and an iPad mini.  The way that is done is the adjustable back support.


Both the lightning adaptor stalk and the “hi-rise” back support are removable, with two small screws fixing each in place.


The Lightning cable is your own cable which you thread into the stalk and fit into place with one of several “spacers”.  These spacers push the lightning plug out at different lengths, to ensure the stand will work even with a case over your phone – a very nifty feature.


Once that’s fitted, you then attach the back support, which again is adjusted to ensure it can support a phone with a large bulky case or just the phone itself.


You’ll find it in two colours (Silver and Black) for $39.99 at Apple Retail stores, Apple Online and a bunch of good Apple resellers.