Sometimes the best ideas are formed out of necessity, and when Brian Conti needed space in the fridge for his beer he looked at what was a packed fridge and observed some “Space” which had never been used – that big gap above the margarine and left-overs.

bottleloft1Straight to the drawing board, Brian has developed an idea for the ages – a magnetic bottle hanger.  Where can you find it?  As our mate Andy said “Where everything comes from” – Kickstarter.

Seeking $20,000 to make his idea a reality, Brian is well on his way to finding the “BottleLoft“.


This is a strip of metal which adheres to the “ceiling” of your fridge, and has three magnets built into it.  Then, it’s simply a matter of putting your metal-topped drinks up to the BottleLoft and they’re suspended ready for use.


As a Kickstarter, you’ll need $20 for a single hanger (3 bottles) (plus $8 shipping to Australia), or $69 will get you four hangers for a full dozen.

Great idea, we reckon it will get more than enough funding!


We reckon Andy nailed it – thanks for the tweet mate.