Magnetic bottle hanger for your fridge – dedicated space for your six pack

Sometimes the best ideas are formed out of necessity, and when Brian Conti needed space in the fridge for his beer he looked at what was a packed fridge and observed some “Space” which had never been used – that big gap above the margarine and left-overs.

bottleloft1Straight to the drawing board, Brian has developed an idea for the ages – a magnetic bottle hanger.  Where can you find it?  As our mate Andy said “Where everything comes from” – Kickstarter.

Seeking $20,000 to make his idea a reality, Brian is well on his way to finding the “BottleLoft“.


This is a strip of metal which adheres to the “ceiling” of your fridge, and has three magnets built into it.  Then, it’s simply a matter of putting your metal-topped drinks up to the BottleLoft and they’re suspended ready for use.


As a Kickstarter, you’ll need $20 for a single hanger (3 bottles) (plus $8 shipping to Australia), or $69 will get you four hangers for a full dozen.

Great idea, we reckon it will get more than enough funding!


We reckon Andy nailed it – thanks for the tweet mate.

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