Gotta love Kickstarter.  While the biggest companies in the world talk the talk, the little guy is out there walking the walk.  I’ve seen “smart surfaces” many times, and they are often shown at CES in a whole range of applications from fridges to windows and mirrors.  This week on Twitter I came across a guy called Ian Seyler who was proudly showing off his “Smart Mirror“.


Turns out, he was just days away from launching his kickstarter project to bring the mirror to market.

Ian has set himself 30 days to raise $5,000 in what seems to be a simple quest.  The cost?  Well the first 50 people can get a Smart Mirror for $250 (Canadian dollars) plus $50 shipping to Australia.  The rest will pay $299.

The concept is actually quite simple.  Using the amazing and tiny Rasberry Pi computer, running Linux, Ian is then using an LCD screen behind the glass to present the data to you.


It will have WiFi connectivity all wrapped in a wooden frame, with the mirror measuring about 35cm by 53cm.

I’m in – who’s with me?  Just gotta hope it doesn’t break in transit!

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