Aussie streaming service Stan has released changes to its top plan taking prices from $17 per month to $19 per month under the latest Stan price change.

While the new price impacts new subscribers immediately, existing subscribers are reporting the change is being implemented on their accounts during the next billing cycle.

Cover art for three titles available to stream on Stan

The last Stan price change occurred in early 2019 when the mid-tier Standard and top-tier Premium plans both increased by $2 per month.

Notice to customer from Stan re price change

It appears this latest change affects only Premium plan subscribers, with the price jumping from $17 to $19.

All inclusions across all three plans remain the same.

Table showing all pricing for Stan subscriptions

As with all streaming services, Stan is a no-contract service so the option exists for users to cancel without any fees if you’re not keen after the latest change

With Stan Subscriber numbers growing past 2.2 million, the impact of 4K Bandwith costs as more and more content drops in the higher resolution would be a major factor in this price change decision.

Basic Stan subscriptions are still priced at just $10 – the same as when the service first launched, while the HD quality Standard plan remains priced at $14.

Existing subscribers will be notified as and if their plans are changing under the latest Stan Price change, downgrading to “Standard” with HD quality may be the best option for those looking to avoid the price change.

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