There’s plenty of options now for docking your computer and plugging in a few cables to both replicate and expand your port capacity and monitors when at your desk.  Hengedock have taken that one step further with the new horizontal docking station for Macbooks.


Firstly, lets look at the expansion capabilities.


Once docked, 13 expansion ports.  That’s serious grunt.  Audio output, SD Card, HDMI, SIX – yes 6 USB 3.0, Power, Kensington Lock, Ethernet, Thunderbolt 2 and MDP and a second Audio port.  You wont be left wanting for more.

The real genius of this one is that when you sit your MacBook into the HengeDock it sets off some little motors to push the connecting ports into the side of your MacBook.


This video doesn’t do it great justice, but trust me, it’s very cool.

Stunning design and innovation from Henge Dock. Motorised docking connects all your ports #MacBook

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And the undocking process can be initiated either by the physical button on the right hand side, or using a password on the Mac itself in the Dock software.


Great stuff, it won’t be cheap, but for a power user, a must have accessory.

Coming to Australia around May or June through MacGear and their retail channels.