So you’ve got a drone – great, here’s a tip: don’t fly it at 3am AROUND THE WHITEHOUSE! Some goose, who turns out to be a US Government employee has done just that and looks like he’ll be in a world of trouble.

The New York Times is reporting that this government employee – who does not work at or for the Whitehouse was flying the drone for recreational purposes in the area around the landmark building.


He apparently lost control and the small quad copter (yep, likley a DJI Phantom) crashed into a tree.

I’m sure he was hoping for some epic video for his YouTube channel, perhaps he should think twice before getting a replacement drone – I doubt he’ll see that one again.

Read More: NY Times

Meanwhile in Australia – A QLD bloke has been fined by CASA for breaching drone flight guidelines after his YouTube videos were reported to the air safety authority.