Of the 20,000 products on show at CES, 4,000 of them are portable battery packs for your iPhone.  If I see another one, I might just go crazy.  Then I walked past the WeeGo stand here at CES.


Imagine finding a battery pack for your smartphone that can also act as a torch, strobe, SOS emergency road lighting and – wait for it.. To Jump start your car.

That’s right, turn the key and the car won’t start – battery is dead.  Don’t holler for a Marshall – reach into your bag or glove box and jump-start it yourself.


No need to find another car, and run the leads from car to car, you literally clamp it to the battery and turn the key.

With models at 6000mAh, 12000mAh and 18000mAh they can start cars, boats, bikes and more.


The basic 6000mAh battery will start most average size cars, and of course charge your smartphone.


Cracking good idea, get me one!


Web: http://www.myweego.com/