I’ll admit right from the start, Darts ain’t a game I’m overly familiar with. I have no idea how the scoring works, I just know you’re throwing at the wall and hoping for a dead centre hit.


Turns out professionals run different “weight” darts to adjust their throw, while when it comes to technology there’s basically nothing on offer.

Until now.


A group of young go-getters who work at a company manufacturing screws and parts for the automotive and aviation industry turned their tools to a new dart, a tracking device and electronic scoring.


The darts are amazing, basically hollowed out and you carry around weights. Simply add the weight you want and you’re done.

Rather than owning a heap of different darts you’ve got the one set to get you through.

At almost $200 they seem super pricey!


Then if you’re trying to improve your throw, consider their electronic darts wrist band. Wear it on your throwing hand and you can use a tablet or smartphone to show data from each and every throw and even compare them together to refine your throwing technique.


And for the complete noobs like me, they’ve invented a dart board with all the bells and whistles. Throw, land and the score appears on-screen. Perfect.

A long road ahead to get all these products to market, but very cool to see innovation in such a niche space.

Web: muudarts.com