One of the biggest issues we have with all this fancy new technology and portable items is the damage that gets done to them with the slightest bump.  Tech21 have been making special cases for smartphones and tablets for a while, and this latest iteration is made just for the iPad Air and is perfect for commuters.


Rushing for the bus or train, or walking along the street, one slip and that iPad hits the deck.  Best case a ding, worst case a smashed screen.

The Impact Folio case from Tech21 contains the “Flexshock” impact absorbing material around the edges.  This stuff is the key to Tech21 cases and helps absorb, repel and dissipate bump forces away from the device.


Rather than being just a shell, it’s also a fold-out folio offering lap-top viewing angles for movies or documents and apps.


I found it to be a great case, not too heavy and doesn’t add too much bulk given the protection it offers, my only gripe would be the ridges that keep it at specific angles of view didn’t seem large enough for me and I found it slipping out now and then.  A compromise I’ll accept to save a replacement screen cost!

You’ll find the Tech21 iPad Air Impact Folio for $99.95 at Apple Stores, Online and at JB Hi-Fi


[schema type=”review” rev_name=”Tech21 Impact Folio for iPad Air” rev_body=”A sleek case given the impact resisting technology inside, great for commuters” author=”Trevor Long” pubdate=”2015-02-27″ user_review=”4″ min_review=”0″ max_review=”5″ ]