If you’re a Foxtel customer paying per month for you loads and loads of channels, you might have looked at the launch of the streaming wars in recent months wondering what’s in it for you?  Well, Foxtel has come to your rescue, offering a Presto subscription to anyone of their Platinum customers – starting today.

You’re already paying well over $100 a month, probably around the $134 mark for a Platinum subscription, so a little $15 bonus might not seem like much, but it sure is a good way to build brand loyalty among a huge number of customers who are clearly willing  to spend money on entertainment.


The cynical few will argue this is a way to inflate the Presto Subscriber numbers, but given there are no published numbers and likely rarely will be I don’t see how that could be the case.

It’s more likely that in an ever-changing world of consumer entertainment, Foxtel is taking the punt that having Presto front of mind to its customers will build the brand, and also some brand loyalty.  Hey, if they can’t afford their Foxtel subscription some point in the future, which streaming service are they going to be most familiar with?

And it’s easy.  Foxtel customers simply go to https://www.presto.com.au/platinum/prestofoxtel and enter two of three verification details.  Once you’re done, download the app and get cracking.


Presto on your Telstra TV, your Tablet, your Smartphone, a great alternative entertainment on the “other” TV in the house.