Shaving with a twist – Gillette adds a sideways movement for a better shave

Gillette reckon they can put a stop to what they call “shave face” – that crazy face you pull when shaving to create a “flat” surface to shave. Nope, it’s not another blade, it’s not a tilting blade, this blade turns side to side.


Called “FlexBall” technology, it’s now part of the Fusion Proglide range and put simply it adds an additional axis of movement.


Traditional movement in a razor is a tilt back and forward, the Flexball adds a sideways movement to that and gives you a more fluid movement when shaving all areas of your face and neck.


Works well – a quick test tonight gave me a great shave without any real feeling of “grip” and a smooth result.

You’ll find them in all the regular places from $16.49.


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