Mention the brand Klipsch to most Australian’s and I’m fairly confident you’ll usually draw a blank stare. But the American company is renowned for producing high-end speakers that compete with the absolute best. In recent years Klipsch has also developed “In Ear” headphone products featuring Contour Ear Gels that are designed to fit the ear canal like a glove. One such product is the A5i Sport, EFTM has been putting it through the ringer.


Picking a colour for your A5i Sport isn’t a hard decision with just the two palates available, Green or Magenta with a splash of Grey accents thrown in. But it’s the hardware and architecture that really impresses. Aside from being lightweight (19 grams), moisture and sweat resistant the A5i Sport is almost impossible to budge when worn correctly. A contoured band hooks around the back of the ear with the speaker unit directed and secured into the ear via a “flex wire” method. You’d have to be a serious headbanger to dislodge them.

The patented oval ear tips really do provide a very snug fit allowing the user to enjoy and appreciate the rich and dynamic sound the high-efficiency driver provides. Noise isolation is so well done I’d happily use them outside of the gym or that brisk morning jog, which for me is almost always!

In any headphones I always look for quality base, and the A5i Sport excels with deep, strong levels of base. But a high level of refinement still remains to the rest of the sound range, it’s crisp, detailed and above what you’d expect for a sport skewed product.


A slim and three-button mic and remote system conventionally features a clothing clip keeping it within easy reach at all times. It also acts to free up some slack helping to reduce the weight of the cable which is a tad heavy. The cable itself looks, feels and is very durable, its construction limits tangles and would require a fair snag to do any serious damage.

Rather than a hard case the material storage pouch is more ideal and looks breathable. Four different sized ear tips are included along with a two-year warranty.

The A5i Sport is compatible with Apple products and doesn’t come cheap, you can expect to pay anywhere up to $169.00. I found the Klipsch A5i Sport to not only live up to their sporting pretensions, but also provide for a level of sound quality that’s quite simply excellent.

For more information checkout their website


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