JoeButtonStoreAs a 28 year old my wardrobe is still maturing. It was only in the last twelve months that I have started to try a few new things. One of which I didn’t even know existed. I want to share those three things with you right now so that you too can improve your wardrobe and look sharper than ever.





The Tailored Shirt

joebuttonWe wrote about tailored shirts recently when we paid a visit to the Joe Button store. We ordered one and received it, and wore it. A tailored shirt is a fantastic addition to your wardrobe. The shirt is made to measure and you can hand pick the minor details to ensure the shirt looks and feels exactly how you like it. In the past these shirts would set you back into the hundreds of dollars but now we have the opportunity to order them for $100, the same price I’ve paid for work shirts in the past.

The Collar Stays

collar stays

If you already own collared shirts then you would also know that those collars tend to curl over time and the plastic inserts bend, snap or just disappear in the wash. I’ve known for a while that you can buy replacement plastic inserts but the same thing will happen. Now I found these. Stainless steel collar stays. These are the ones I’ve recently purchased and they are strong, weighty and well, look at them – beautiful. They’ll keep your collar straight and that shirt looking new again. My only advice, make sure you remove them from your shirt before washing!

The Pocket Square

pocket squareSomething I thought was lost in the 1940’s has certainly made a comeback and now that I have tried it for myself, I recommend it. Many of us would own a dinner jacket similar to above. They look great with jeans or chinos and can smarten up any outfit. Adding a pocket square however is like adding the feathers to the peacock. Pocket squares don’t have to be expensive, I’ve bought a few from The Iconic for a little over $10 and they add so much to the overall outfit. Once you’ve got them, take a look at how many styles there are to wear them!