The New Tough Mudder will Bring a Tear to your Eye


Tough Mudder has never been for the faint hearted. This year in 2015 there is a whole new range of obstacles and challenges to face. EFTM has the list here.


If you’ve done a Tough Mudder event in the past then it come as a surprise that this year they’ve gone further to increase the challenge and keep you slightly afraid. Tough Mudder has made some changes for you and they’re not small ones either.

  • “King of the Swingers” is a pendulum swing from a 12 foot platform.
  • “Dead Ringer” is a traverse across a series of inclined pegs using handheld rings. An example of this is in the video below, so it can be done… somehow.
  • “Cry Baby” is a tunnel you need to crawl through filled with tear gas…. TEAR GAS!!
  • “Artic Enema” is the ice water plunge you’ve done before but with a few twists that will mean you need to work as a team to complete it.
  • “Everest” is the slicked quarter-pipe again done before but you will struggle greatly to do it alone. Tough Mudder is encouraging team work the hard way.


While the challenges have been updated, there is also some changes to how the event is run:

  • Teams of five or more will receive discounts, now is the time to egg your mates on and get a team going.
  • Teens as young as 16 and 17 will be eligible to enter. Think you’re tough enough? Why should they stop you. Good luck!
  • Become a volunteer for the event and you’ll receive a behind the scenes look as well as discounted entry
  • A complimentary photo! This will please entrants who have had to pay for them in the past.

Take a look at the 2015 Tough Mudder preview below and see what you’re in for.

Get started by heading to

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