I really love the fact that Apple can create a huge after market outside their company just be releasing a product.  After last week’s Studio Proper charge case, today Nomad have announced a Stand and “pod” for charging your Apple Watch.


Coming in April, the “Stand for Apple Watch” is a solid piece of aluminium which holds your watch up to “dangle” in position, attached to the magnetic charger which comes with the Apple Watch.  Like most accessories we’ll see early, it’s really just a stand or holder, the charging cable is not there – you insert the one that comes with your watch – in this case into a rounded channel around the back edge, with the MagSafe charger for the watch sitting in place to hold the watch still.

Back of Stand

The stand has a rubberised base to keep it in place, with ballast in the base to hold it still.


Taking a different approach, the “Pod for Apple Watch” is a fully enclosed unit which again takes the Apple Watch charge cable, which gets wrapped around the outside of the pod which looks like an ice-hockey puck and plugs into a USB port on the underside.


Inside the pod is a 1800 mAh battery, so the whole thing is going to give you four full charges of your watch (that’s four days in a row).

For something a little different, you charge the pod itself with the new USB-C cable type that’s coming to the new Macbook – so it’s a sign that standard is about to ramp up across both devices an accessories (this one also comes with Micro USB as a backup).  Perhaps a sign of this new technology is the fact it won’t be available until mid-year.

POD Design-Materials

Both are $79.95 and will be distributed in Australia by iWorld