Just ads. That’s the choice you’re making. Tubi is new to Australia but they’ve been around a few years overseas. Their local launch is an attempt to grow their user base and of course – sell more ads.

Streaming services like Stan and Netflix offer free trial periods, but to get in you need a credit card and if you don’t cancel they’ll start that monthly subscription cost at the end of the trial.

Tubi actively promotes the fact that you don’t need a credit card to sign up. And I tried it this morning – it works. I was streaming within a minute of starting the sign up.

It looks and works like most other streaming services. A library of content, deep in scroll after scroll, categories to browse, click to view.

At first glance, nice stuff.

Take a second look – it’s a long way short of competing.

It looks at best like midday movie material, at worst it’s the isles at the Video Store you didn’t want your mum to know you were looking in. Which – might be the appeal, given that stuff isn’t really on Stan or Netflix:)

So – probably not overwhelming right now, and with so much happening in streaming I can’t see “Tubi” doing big content deals ahead of Stan or Netflix. Time will tell.

Tubi – worth a look, but unlikely you’ll be hooked.