PEP272F01 Doritos Roulette 150g 3DToday we were sent the latest from the team at Doritos. Called the Roulette, this new product is developed to create surprise.


The bag is opened and my first thought was that I would be able to identify which ones were hot and which were the normal cheese flavour. They all looked the same.


I had a few and found them to be the normal Doritos I’ve bought before. I started passing them around the office and randomly would hear “What the heck was that!” or “Woaaaahh, what did you do to them!”. It was good fun.


Then I eventually found one. It was a wicked hit in the face which was noticeable the second it touched my tongue. I quite enjoy some spice and the flavour when you get a spicy chip is fantastic. The heat is obvious and it actually repeats on you over and over which leads you to a few random coughs as you cope through it. Eventually I stopped sharing the packet and just finished it off myself, the spicy surprise here and there was an awesome treat. I would actually love to see Doritos up the ante a little and make it much hotter. Not everyone who tried it in the office felt that way though!


To give you an idea of the level of spice, Doritos has provided a few tid-bits to prepare you; Far hotter than chipotle or jalapeno, the hottest chip ever created by Doritos, measured at 7360 Scoville Heat Units (hotter than most tabasco sauces!). Also, exclusive to Australia at the moment as of March 16. Get in store grab a pack and bring the fun into sharing a packet of chips again.