In this day and age there’s a lot of competition for the best ideas, to be first to market and to crack the big time – hey – who wouldn’t want to sell their app or idea for $19 billion?  Ruslan Kogan has made more than his share of millions with his Kogan electronics brand and his latest product seeks to give a little assistance to entrepreneurs.

Whether you are in Blacktown, Vaucluse, Toorak or Frankston, the road to Silicon Valley can be long and hard.  Ruslan Kogan is trying to help you out with the introduction of “The Entrepreneur Startup Kit

To look the part, you’ll start off with a black turtle neck shirt.

Kogan's Entrepreneur Startup Kit

Kogan’s Entrepreneur Startup Kit

Add to that a privacy filter for your laptop screen, because who wants those prying eyes at the local cafe to steal your idea right off the screen.

For when you start to bring other people into your idea, you’re going to want an NDA for them to sign (Non Disclosure Agreement) so there’s a template for that to get you started.

Entrepreneur Startup Kit - with NDA Template

Entrepreneur Startup Kit – with NDA Template

Practically speaking, there’s also a wireless presentation controller so you can look professional when you’re pitching your idea for funding.

If you get the funding – bingo, a cash counter!

All for $149 plus delivery.

If you’ve read this far, you’re probably not the entrepreneur you think you are.  Seriously?  A Kit to get you started?

This is Ruslan’s way of suggesting that if you really are an entrepreneur – you’ll already be well past the point where you have an idea.

Being an entrepreneur is not about being someone with loads of crazy ideas.  An Entrepreneur is someone who has a product, is in the market, is trying to make a business – not just an idea.

Ruslan Kogan used to be all about attention.  Attention to get clicks, clicks to get cash.  These days, the clicks come thick and fast, his business success is proof his strategy worked well.

But what people forget is that Ruslan Kogan worked long and hard to build that business.  From working out what the Chinese Factories needed to get him over the line and have some TV’s made, to growing the business from concept to the strength it is today.

Kogan is an entrepreneur – he’s more likely to be described as a businessman – perhaps that’s the journey ahead of all “go-getters”.  Get your idea, make your idea real, start your business and then you’re an entrepreneur.

You don’t need a Entrepreneur Startup Kit from Kogan to make that happen.  If you do – then I think you’re best placed to go grab a job at the local servo to pay the bills.

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