You love her, you want to spend the rest of your life with her. Now what? EFTM has some top tips based on experience and expert advice.


Around mid last year I asked my now fiance to marry me. I learned a lot along the way and have some tips from myself as well as Mick the jeweller.

Game Plan

There are a fair few things to consider before you go out to buy that ring, the symbol of your future together. Michael Fallah from says “it’s important to consider a lot of different factors, such as your budget, whether you want the ring to be a surprise, what your partner’s personal style is, along with their lifestyle, hobbies and job”. Before I went out to buy one I paid particular attention to the types of jewellery she wore, it was almost always silver, so went for a silver ring. If she never wears rose gold then don’t surprise her with that type of ring! Quick tip on ring sizes also – try and have a good idea but if you have to guess, go bigger. It is easier to resize smaller than enlarge a ring. This isn’t like buying her clothes, she wont be offended if you buy her the bigger size!

Get an Education

Diamonds. They are so much more than just a clear shiny rock, go into your chosen jeweller and make an appointment to talk about the process. I spent an hour with my jeweller talking about diamonds, styles and more. You need to understand why the heck these things cost so much money! Mick recommends learning the 5cs (cut, colour, clarity, carat and certification), but there is actually a 6th C to consider – cost. Don’t be embarrassed to share this with your jeweller, they will work with you to fit something into your budget. Generally there is compromise of the c’s. More carats = more cost, less clarity = less cost. Find the right balance for your budget.


Considering a different stone? Mick mentions that this is happening more and more, “Coloured gemstones and even black diamonds have become increasingly popular options for couples that are looking for something a bit different”. Our only advice here is that if you’re doing this – make sure you know it’ll work!

Not all rings will be off the rack. If you don’t like the styles available in the windows, you can have it custom made. This is one of Mick’s specialities, using advanced 3D modeling you can virtually see how your ring will look before it is even made. If she is unique then maybe you think the ring should be too. This is a discussion you can have with your jeweller.


My last quick tip here; double check the returns policy. Not because she may say no but because your choice of style may be completely wrong, make sure you understand what you are setting yourself up for. I had 30 days to return mine provided she didn’t wear it, my fiance loved it and didn’t want to ever take it off.

Ring in the box, now what?

You have the ring, you made the financial commitment, you’re going to do it. Our advice from here is to ask the dad. It may seem old fashioned and trivial but remember, this man is going to walk her down the aisle, he is going to be your future father in-law, take the initiative to ask his blessing. It will be worth it, and honestly, it gives you a bit of extra confidence to make it happen – particularly because it is now expected!


Plan out how you are going to do it. Some people like to have friends involved in the process, some organise photographers and some even fly to Paris to propose in-front of the Eiffel Tower. Try and plan something and not just do it while watching Fifty Shades of Grey. This story will be replayed for the rest of your lives, you’ll want to be proud to hear it said.

Job done

She said yes? Congratulations. It’s a great idea here to go back to the jeweller and seek your wedding rings (when the time comes). Mick gave us a great tip here, “It’s a great chance for them to bring in their wedding photographer or videographer to capture the once in a lifetime experience to include in their wedding album and video”. What a great start to your wedding journey.

I wish you luck and absolute happiness in your journey. If you’ve made it happen, tell us how and where in the comments below.