Hublot La Ferrari

At Basel World 2015 new watches for the year are revealed. Not all are affordable by many and some are made to sell one. Hundreds of watches are revealed and we want to show you five of our favourites.

The above watch from Hublot is called the MP-05 LaFerrari and as the name suggests has been crafted in conjunction with Ferrari. It is made with 11 barrels inside and will run for 50 days for each wind. Each wound is done with a drill that resembles the Formula 1 wheel gun used in the pits. Only 50 will be made and one can be yours for nearly $400,000 AUD.


With a complicated name to suit the looks, the Breguet Tradition 7097 Automatique Seconde Rétrograde is just a piece of art. There are so many intricate pieces that make up the workings of this watch you’ll be staring at it longer than to just check the time. Slightly more affordable than the Hublot above, the Breguet will set you back the Australian average salary at a little of $50,000 AUD.


Smart AND elegant. Frederique Constant have always been known for their beautiful watches and with the competition of smart watches it was always a matter of time until these higher end companies needed to become competitive. This Horological watch carries the same MotionX technology seen in the FitBit or Jawbone and syncs steps and sleep data to your iOS or Android device. A completely beautiful watch that would never be mistaken for a fitness tracker. This will be more affordable than some Apple Watches at $1,700 AUD.


From action hero to watchmaker. Arnold Schwarzenegger is back. His range of watches just ooze typical Arnie. Our favourite from his collection is the one above that is grenade shaped and just something you could imagine him wearing in The Expendables or Predator. There are many in his line-up and they all seem to take visual cues from his films with one looking like the eye of Terminator. At $1090 AUD this swiss made “Hero Commander” watch could be yours.


Now to finish on something completely insane and fairy-tale. This Jacob & Co. Astronomia Tourbillon Baguette is not the name of a fancy breadstick. It is an extremely intricate watch. All four arms within the watch actually rotate around the watch, almost like a ballet, every 20 minutes. This is another one of those watches you’ll be starring at for years. It has a over 300 diamonds with a total weight of 16 carats and will set you back a cool $1.3 million AUD.