There is loads of video content available online for you to watch on your smartphone or tablet – but what if you are out and about and want to watch something that’s on live TV? D-Link has a solution, it’s tiny and costs just $50!


The problem with trying to watch Free-to-air TV on your mobile devices is that most live TV content is not streamed online. Major sporting events require an app and or subscription, reality TV shows aren’t available anywhere – the reason being the TV networks want you watching live on TV because that’s how they get their ratings!


This week, I was watching The Today Show on Channel 9 while on the train, and while that’s one show that is Live-streamed, I had no internet connection and if I did there would have been no data cost with this solution.


It’s a tiny little device, the size of a ten cent piece, and it works on Android devices, plugging straight into the USB connector.


Install the D-Link TV app and as soon as you plug the tuner in the app will launch and turn your tablet into a TV!

There’s a full EPG, visual channel guide, and you can even record what you’re watching.


Imagine you don’t have a TV in the bedroom, keep the D-Link TV device beside the bed and plug it in when you want to watch that late night or early morning sports event – keep some headphones handy too so you don’t wake anyone else up.

The device comes with a small loop antenna, or you can get a cable which plugs into your home antenna – not quite sure why you’d do that though as you’ve probably just got a TV there.


But there’s a couple of issues you should be aware of.

Firstly, on the Sony Xperia tablet I was testing it on, I was unable to play back the recordings I made.


Then there’s the reception.  You’ve got to be in a pretty good area of reception to get it working.  At my home on the north side of Sydney I struggled indoors but got good reception outside.


On the train it was ok unless we were heavily restricted by high embankments, and of course there was no reception in the tunnels.

But for down at the park, sitting at a sporting event, or just kicking back in bed – this is brilliant.  And $50!  A steal.

More info at D-Link’s website


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