A smart camera to monitor noise, movement and air quality in real-time – WiThings Home

There’s something sensational about the quality that Withings put into their products – their design and materials are top class and that’s evident in their smart camera – the Withings Home.


Less of a security camera, more of a peace of mind camera, particularly for parents of young kids because of its unique interaction and air quality monitoring.

Setup is simple – it all happens within the app, with your phone searching for the device via Bluetooth then connecting to your WiFi network by taking the WiFi settings from your phone.


One key feature is two-way audio and real-time video.  As a baby monitor this thing would be sensational, not only will it alert you when it detects noise or movement, but it allows you to press a button on your phone to you can talk into the Withings Home because it has a speaker on the top – sing a lullaby to the kids, or if they’re a bit older perhaps pull them into line.


The video quality is excellent, with night-vision also, and mini time-lapse events are stored for you to view in what looks like a social timeline on the app.

IMG_9534 (1)

If you’re worried about air-quality, the device is constantly monitoring and reports sharp movements in quality into the app through notifications and into your timeline.

IMG_9533 (1)

The wooden surround makes it something that easily sits on any shelf in your home without looking like some sort of gadget, but it’s made to sit on a shelf or mantle as it has no wall-mounting option.


Based on the prices of other Withings products and their US to AUD conversion I expect this camera to come in around the low $300 mark, and there are some Aussie online retailers already stocking it, however it’s not available yet in the Apple Store where most Withings products are.


[schema type=”review” rev_name=”Withings Home – smart camera with live video and air quality detection” rev_body=”Beautiful design, high-quality video viewable in real-time with a timeline of action and items detected within the app.” author=”Trevor Long” pubdate=”2015-03-13″ user_review=”3.8″ min_review=”0″ max_review=”5″ ]

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